Human Resource Management (HRM)

This department deals with all aspects of managing Ministry employees and staff.

The Human Resource Management Department (HRM) saddled with the responsibility of interpreting and implementing Government policies relating to personnel matters of the Ministry.

Divisions & Units

The department is structured into two major divisions and three units which are:-


1.    Appointment, Promotion and Discipline division;

  • Responsible for the documentation of newly employed staff and those posted from the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation as well as pooling officers posted to the Ministry by relevant supervising agencies.
  • Keeping and maintenance of official records and documents of the Ministry.
  • Handling of staff recruitment and deployment.
  • Serve as secretariats to junior and senior staff committees which deal with recruitment, promotion and discipline matters.
  • Handling of all disciplinary cases involving staff of the Ministry including appeals for redress forwarded to the senior staff committee and staff of parastatals under the Ministry.
  • Serve as a secretariat for top management staff meetings and other specialized meetings.
  • Processing appeals and petitions from staff of the Ministry to the Federal Civil Service Commission.
  • Preparation and updating of staff Nominal Roll.
  • Handling of NYSC and IT student’s matters.
  • Liaising with the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Federal Civil Service Commission, Bureau of Public Service Reforms and Federal Character Commission etc on personnel and other administrative matters of the Ministry and its parastatals.

2.    Training and Staff welfare division;

  •    Handling of training and staff development matters (local and international) for the staff of the Ministry.
  • Handling staff leave, claims; entitlement etc.
  • Acquisition and allocation of office accommodation.
  • Processing of pension-related matters for staff.
  • Handling of the General labour and Industrial Relation matters for the Ministry.
  • Processing/Coordination of the combined confirmation/promotion examination for junior and senior officers.
  • Coordination of the activities of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) matters.
  •  Production of staff and visitor identification cards.
  • Supervising the sports club activities.
  • Organizing and deployment and supervision of the security commissionaires engaged by the Ministry.


1.    Maintenance unit

  • Responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the Ministry’s buildings, machinery and equipment (Air conditioners, Lightning, Fire prevention/control equipment, etc).
  • Supervising and maintenance of all out station offices across the country which are International Radio Monitoring Station (IRMS) at Ipaja, Ogoja, Azare and Gusau.

2.    Store unit;

  • Responsible for the receipt, storage and issuance of store items in the Ministry.
  • Conducts periodic inventory of items in each office and submit quarterly reports on store items to the Director (HRM).


3.    Transport unit.

  • Responsible for servicing of all official vehicles
  •  Facilitates the movement of personnel, goods and official vehicular movement in the Ministry.