Planning Research and Statistics (PRS)


The Planning, Research and Statistics Department is a service Department with the following responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate the formulation of policies that will create the adoption of ICT usage in the MDAs and in Nigeria.
  2. Coordinate the formulation and facilitation of policies that would stimulate local and foreign investments in ICT sector;
  3. Coordinate the implementation, review and updating of Master plan and Road maps in the ICT sector in liaison with all relevant stakeholders;
  4. Coordinate the preparation of the Ministry’s Development/Annual Work Plans and Programmes in line with its mandates and in conjunction with other Departments and Parastatals;
  5. Coordinate the review and update existing ICT and Postal Laws to ensure conformity with international best practices;
  6. Conduct routine project monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the project meet its set target;
  7. Conduct intervention studies into relevant issues pertaining to ICT as well as operational and management modalities of the ICT sector;
  8. Develop and maintain a Management Information System for the ICT sector within the ministry;
  9. Facilitate partnerships among all stakeholders in the ICT sector both at National and International level;
  10. Provide secretariat to the National Council on Communication Technology which is a high advisory body to government.
  11. Coordinates the preparation and the processing of the Ministry’s/Agencies Federal Executive Council (FEC) memos and for other Councils such as National Economic Council (NEC).
  12. Coordinates the Ministry’s relationship with the various relevant committees of the National Assembly.

Departmental Structure

The Department has been structured into three Divisions and seven branches as follows:

  1. Planning and Policy Division
    1. Policy and Planning Branch
    2. Partnership
  2. Research, Statistics and Database Management Division
    1. Research and Statistics Branch
    2. Library and Documentation Branch
    3. Database Management Branch
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation Division
    1. Monitoring Branch
    2. Evaluation Branch