Spectrum Management (SM)

Vision Statement

To make the department and the ministry at large an agency for transformation of Nigeria’s ICT sector through efficient and effective management of the radio frequency spectrum that is free of harmful interference.


Mission Statement

To develop good spectrum policies and regulations for the country’s ICT industry and manage the nation’s radio spectrum and satellite orbital resources in an open, transparent, accountable and efficient manner for maximal utilization in the coordination with international telecommunication organizations/international best practices.


Mandate of the Department

Spectrum management department is a highly technical department with the mandate to ensure the judicious management of radio frequency spectrum to ensure its equitable utilization by the various radio communication services. The department on behalf of the ministry manages the spectrum for government establishments and private non-commercial wireless communications applications. Some key mandates of Spectrum Management Department are;

  1. Management of Radio Frequency Spectrum which


  1. licensing of radio frequency stations and radiocommunication systems for government and its agencies, Diplomatic Missions, Radio Armature, Maritime, Aeronautical and private radio frequency users;
  2. Routine and regular monitoring of radio frequency spectrum to detect illegal users and to ensure strict compliance with national and international standards and specifications in order to minimize harmful interference by users; International collaboration and cooperation on radio spectrum monitoring to identify and eliminate cross boarder harmful interferences.
  3. Inspection of premises, where there are radiocommunication installations as well as survey of radio installations on ships and aircrafts to ensure that all the non-commercial operators of radiocommunication equipment are dully licensed to operate.
  4. Type Approval Testing and Measurements of equipment parameters to ensure technical compliance Radio frequency planning and update of the radio frequency master register and Radio Frequency notification to ITU.

      2.  The department initiates, formulates, and advises government on policy framework for radiocommunication sector.

      3.  The department provides Secretariat of National Frequency Management Council (NFMC) which is the apex body in radio frequency spectrum management in the country. The Council has Membership drawn from relevant stakeholders in the use of Radio Frequency and satellite orbital slots.

      4.  The department Coordinates and liaises nationally with all stakeholders in the use of radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbital resources. Such organizations and stakeholders are: NCC, NBC, NIGCOMSAT, NASRDA, etc.

      5.   The Department serves as focal point and represents Nigeria Administration in the activities of international organizations that deal with radio frequency and satellite orbital resources issues. They are; the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization (CTO), African                                   Telecommunication Union (ATU), International Telecommunication Satellite Organization (ITSO) and Regional Satellite Communication Organization (RASCOM), etc


Departmental Structure


The Department is made up of one Directorate with the following Divisions and Sections:

  1. Divisions
    1. Spectrum Management
    2. National Frequency Management Council
    3. Radio Monitoring, Survey and Projects
  2. Sections
    1. Inspection and Survey
    2. Technical Standard and Measurement
    3. Radio Monitoring
    4. Frequency assignment Frequency Planning
    5. Frequency Coordination and Liaison Services
    6. Licensing

The Radio Monitoring Section of the Department has Four International Radio Monitoring Stations (IRMS) located at the four geographical positions across the country. The locations are:

  1. IRMS Azare, Bauchi State
  2. IRMS Gusau, Zamfara State
  3. IRMS Ipaja, Lagos State
  4. IRMS Ogoja, Cross River State