Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit

In 2003, the Federal government considered and approved the request of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) to establish the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Units (ACTUs) in MDAs. In the year 2014, operations and adoptions of ACTUs started across the Federation. On 26th July 2019, the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit of the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy was inaugurated. The Unit consists of members from the various departments in the Ministry



1. To identify, monitor and manage risks to the Ministry's integrity systems.

2. Promote prevention strategies to mitigate integrity vulnerabilities and ethical breaches

3. Design compliance programs to ensure adherence to statutory standards, rules, regulations, codes, laws, procedures, timelines, with respect to the implementation of ethics and integrity regime within the Ministry

4. Implement capacity development programs to empower and enhance ethics capabilities 5. Provide tools on how to resolve ethical dilemmas



In order to avoid or minimize conflicts arising from an overlap of functions with the existing appropriate authorities responsible for enforcement of discipline in the Ministry, the following categories of Misconduct will be appropriately handled by the Unit.

1. Suppression of Record: If the suppression is to cover up fraud or to cover up "corruption", vide Section 15 of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act, 2000, hereinafter referred to as the Anti-Corruption Law.

2. False Claim: The false claim provided in Public Service Rule 04401 becomes a crime under the Anti-Corruption Law if it was made by an officer in the course of his duty and against the Government or any of its Agencies.

3. Corruption: Public Service Rules 04401 defines "corruption" as a serious misconduct and by virtue of section 2 of the Anti-corruption Law that acts includes "bribery, fraud, and other related offences". This, therefore, amounts to misconduct under the Public Service Rules and is a crime under the Anti-Corruption Law

4. Embezzlement: By virtue of Section 12 of the Anti-Corruption Law, embezzlement, recognized as a serious misconduct in PSR 04401, is equally a crime.

5. Dishonesty: Dishonesty is a serious misconduct in the Service under PSR 04401. The import of the provisions of Section 19 and 25 of the Anti-Corruption Law is that dishonesty in the discharge of official duty, which may cause the Government financial or proprietary loss is also a crime.

6. Falsification of records: Falsification of records of any nature is a serious misconduct under Chapter 4 of the Public Service Rules. However, the falsification of records becomes a crime by virtue of Section 16 and 25 of the Anti-Corruption Law, if the "falsification of records" is with respect to government finances or Government proprietary interests.


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