The Mandate is “to lead the management of the image and reputation of the Ministry, people and Government of Nigeria through a professional and dynamic public information system that facilitates access by citizens and the global community to credible and timely information about our Ministry and Nation”.

The Vision is “to enable a dynamic and participatory public information system that fosters and sustains the overall growth and development of the Ministry country and its people”.

Functions of the unit include the following:

  1. Strategic Communication of Government policies and programmes.
  2. Provision of Policy and Administrative Services for the creation of efficient, effective, reliable and adequate information as a means of promoting the Ministry, political, socio-economic and cultural development of Nigeria.
  3. Building a Positive National Image and Promoting National Consciousness.
  4. Encouraging and moving the Ministry and Nigeria into the 21st Century in efficient Information delivery.
  5. Gathering, processing, packaging and dissemination of information to the people of Nigeria and beyond.
  6. Designs and promote special campaign to promote and publicise the Ministry’s activities.